This is the seed of a story.

It begins with a plate of food, and everything on it. It is a cookbook that travels back to the ingredients.

This is a real story. It wanders from village to village in the hinterland of the country and ends at the cloth on your back.

But it never really ends, and isn’t entirely true.

This is a love story.

It clack-clack-clacks along to the tune of a cotton loom. The loom is worked by a hand. It weaves the story together as it warps and wefts.

There are many hands. They hold each other.

This is a story about the land—who owns it, and who works it. It is about things that grow lush and green in hot, dry places. And some that die.

It is about colonialism, capitalism, and sovereignty.

This is the seed of a story.

It is the story of a seed.

Gram Art Project

Gram Art Project

The Gram Art Project is a rural collective of individuals: women, farmers, artisans, artists. These identities often intersect and overlap. At the heart of it, we are trying to build a shared consciousness in our daily living that is rooted in sovereignty.


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