Into The Deep (Bands for Couples)


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Only WE, humans, are conscious. WE are intelligent. WE have feelings & families & histories…

All of these beliefs have been challenged & it means that “WE” need to expand beyond the human realm & imagine a new way of co-existing in this world. To accept this shift in our consciousness—to always be becoming—is our essence.

Like a cocooned caterpillar, the blossoming bud, water flowing downriver, or the continuous rounding of a stone—there is a tender beauty in evolving.

These bands are also ever-evolving—a bond from the transforming ecosystem in our farm to the quiet changes in all of us. “Pay attention to the transformation within & without,” they seem to say. It will surprise & nourish us on this journey.

Plantable Seed Bands handcrafted from naturally dyed & handspun yarn of organically grown, indigenous cotton. Plantable Seed Papers on which bands are wrapped are handmade, up-cycled & biodegradable.

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