The Metamorphosis


SB2312001: The Metamorphosis
Seeds: Soapnut, Amaranthus, Purslane, Basil

Caterpillars are astonishing creatures. Their way of transforming into butterflies moves from egg to larva to pupa. And finally, the cocoon breaks to reveal the winged wonder of an adult butterfly.

This movement is completely alien to us, but over 75% of known insects (bees, beetles, flies, wasps, moths, even ants) use this technique to grow. When we take such a complex process, & cut it off at its beginning because we think of these insects as pests, we unintentionally stop pollinators from growing—which means a less colourful, less playful, & less diverse ecosystem.

This band, which moves between stages when you pull on the caterpillar, is a gentle reminder that there are things beyond our reach & understanding which should invoke awe & surprise in us.

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