Everything that we consume, right from food to gadgets, comes from somewhere, passing through many touches. If we don’t explore the roots of where & how it all comes from, then it is very much likely that with every bite & byte consumed, we end up digging a grave for someone or something somewhere in the world.

This new year, let’s make a collective resolution to become conscious consumers and move towards becoming co-producers instead of being consumers only.

Each paper of this calendar is consciously handcrafted, using resources that are sourced locally, bio-degradable, recycled & recyclable. These papers are embedded with seeds of Amaranthus, Spinach, Roselle, Bottle Gourd, Purslane, Senna Tora, Carrot, Brinjal, Chilli, Tomato, Coriander, Fenugreek & Cucumber, waiting to be sown, grown, consumed & conserved.

This is a step towards exploitation-free environment and society.

This seed calendar is completely hand-made. Through its pages, these hands are telling different stories. These hands are our hands. We, the women of rural India. With each paper handcrafted by us, we have highlighted one day each month to remind the world of our stories.

These are the stories of our rights & our struggles arising because we do not belong to the dominant gender. & to tell these stories, we have created our own canvas in the form of seed papers & our own ink in the form of indigenous cotton hand-spun yarn used to embroider these stories.

For us, the fight is not for transformation from a patriarchal to a matriarchal society. It is rather for moving towards an egalitarian world which is free of exploitation; including gender-based disparities.