Let’s end this year on a good note and start new year on a even better one with Seed Calendars 2019.
So, grow your own veggies throughout the year and reduce your food miles!
(Only limited Calendars available)

Some interesting facts about our Calendar :
1. This calendar is made from mainly three ingredients: waste paper, waste cloth & hand-spun naturally dyed threads made from organically grown indigenous cotton.
2. The paper, cloth bag & threads are all handmade & therefore having less ecological footprint.
3. The colours of papers and threads are extracted from natural ingredients like turmeric, leaves of custard apple, malabar spinach, etc.
4. This calendar is made by a majorly women-run enterprise.
5. It is completely bio-degradable.
6. It comes in a reusable pocket cloth bag that you can carry & avoid plastic bag.
7. As it is made from different pieces of waste cloth, every calendar has its own unique look.

BUY IT HERE: https://www.instamojo.com/beejpaatra/

FOR MORE INFO OR ANYTHING ELSE, CONTACT: beejpaatra@gmail.com | +91-8087137637