ग्राम is pronounced as “Gram” which means Village…

Project Gram aims to work in rural India, on different important issues related to village, mainly focusing on art activities, working with community, issues related to women, farmer exchange programs and Water.

We aim to unite visual artists, performing artists, art critics, architects, social workers, farmers and people working in diverse mediums to rural areas of India to collaborate and work with local community on issues related to environment, promoting organic farming, social and health awareness, women education and other important issues related to village and its social development… To develop opportunities for collaborative work that interacts with the rural environment is also our foremost objective…

We want to make an alternative space for artists around the world as well as local traditional artists and artisans of the village through different programs, so that both Artists and local Artisans get opportunity to collaborate and work together which can help in exchange of dialogues, ideas, culture and work methods, giving birth to new interventions and creations… It will act as a social environment development program and will help improving the artist’s impressions on both the sides…

Gram is also focusing on International Farmer exchange program, which is our long term goal…

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