About Us

ग्राम is pronounced “Gram” which means Village

The Gram Art Project is a rural collective of individuals: women, farmers, artisans, artists. These identities often intersect and overlap. At the heart of it, we are trying to build a shared consciousness in our daily living that is rooted in sovereignty.

We live, work, and play in and around the village of Paradsinga, in Madhya Pradesh, India. Our village and its people are like any other—suffering “development” that has been destroying our ecological and social harmony, reeling under cycles of debt-ridden agriculture, migrating to more urban areas in search of dignity and employment, and hurting under a patriarchal and hierarchical system.

With this as our backdrop, we are consciously trying to hold space for multiplicities; we are only one part of an intricate and delicate web, and our care encompasses all human and non-human beings.

For us, art is not just a professional practice but a way of expressing ourselves in ways we find meaningful. The vital and trivial are both things we encounter while living our lives, and our work reflects this.

Sometimes it takes the form of seed paper and seed bands, sometimes land art, and at other times, live performances, but all of them are formed on the bedrock of social and ecological non-exploitation. We are trying, in myriad ways, to express the reality of being in an average village—how it shapes us, and we, in turn, shape it.