This Festival of Colours let’s keep our happy place full of colours for whole year long.. The colourful seed balls in this box are made by us in Paradsinga Village & when planted would make your home bloom with the Blues of Aparajita, Reds of fresh Tomatoes and Roselle, aromatic Orange of Marigold, and the tender Greens of Amaranthus and Fenugreek making all your mornings for the rest of the year, a festival of colour. These Seed Balls are coming in a special box made by our friends at 21 Fools.

What all will come inside Phoolchand Holi Dabba :

  1. Herbal Holi Gulal – Pack of 4 herbal colors – Yellow, Red, Green, and Orange/Peach. Made from Arrowroot Turmeric, Amaltash, Palash, Rosepetals, Spinach & Beetroot.
    The Herbal colors are made from natural resources and handmade by a group of forest dwellers in Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  2. Whole Thandai – A mixture of Rose Petals, Seeds, Spices, and everything organic to help you make a Chilled Thandai for your loved ones.
    the ‘Whole Thandai Mix’ is prepared by one of the best and oldest Thandai maker from the lanes of Pink city.
  3. Six Colorful ‘Seed Balls’ that grow into six different plants – Roselle, Aparajita, Marigold, Amaranthus, Methi & Tomato.
    The Seed Balls are made by upcycling waste paper and filled with seeds by us in Paradsinga village of Chhindwara (M.P). 
  4. A Plantable Holi Greeting Card.
    The Plantable Holi Card and the ‘Phoolchand’ box are handcrafted by the local craftspersons community of Sanganer, Rajasthan