Batwa – Which carries Plantable Indian Flag and Constitutional Rights

15 Aug 1947: the day which transferred legislative sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the Indian Constituent Assembly

26 Jan 1950: the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect

What do these days really mean? Holidays? Days when we hoist the tricolour & celebrate? Days for remembrance?

Maybe it’s all of these… & even more. These are reminders to ourselves of the resolution we made: the resolve to secure for all of us justice, liberty & equality. This is enshrined in the fundamental rights of our constitution & the real way of remembering these events would be to remind ourselves of our duty to know & secure these rights of every Indian.

So, let’s celebrate the essence of these moments in history by making the tricolour not only fly high but grow high. Let’s sow these seed paper flags that are consciously handcrafted, using resources that are sourced locally, bio-degradable, recycled & recyclable. These flags are embedded with the seeds of Senna Tora, Spinach, Fenugreek, Purslane, Roselle, Chenopodium Album, Red & Green Amaranthus, waiting to be sown, grown, consumed & conserved.

Let’s sow this flag along with the fundamental rights which form the base of our constitution and ensure that they start taking roots to further the process of making ourselves a true Republic.

The pocket in which the flags are kept are hand-stitched using khadi cloth which is handwoven from hand-spun naturally dyed yarn made from organically grown indigenous cotton. It comes from a process in which more than 90% of the production is carried out by rural women.

The khadi pockets & the women makers of it symbolise the paradox in our society; the former being the symbol of freedom struggle while the later symbolising the section of our society still struggling to be free.

It is a medium of saying, “We, the (yet-to-be-free) people of India, know our rights & we keep abreast of it.” Let’s resolve to uphold the idea of a Republic society by carrying out our fundamental duty of protecting the rights of everyone including those who do not belong to the dominant section of the society…


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