BEEJ PARVA 2020a step towards conscious celebrations Celebrations are an integral part of human civilisation. Celebrations are usually time for feasts, sweets, lights, sound, gifts, decorations and gatherings. But when we lose context of celebrations and it becomes ritualistic, it leads to more evil than good. Today, we see the exploitation that marginalised communities and…


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our world has slowed down. With lesser humans on the streets & lesser industrial production, emissions have reduced. Dolphins & deer are being spotted in the cities, nature’s reclaiming its territory.
We started similar process few years back & stopped our encroachment in some spaces inside our farm. Couple of years down the line we are seeing newer forms and beings taking life, reclaiming the land, that we often overlook or never give space to exist without human interference.
We have already started building our relationships with these beautiful creatures & with these bands we hope that they connect with you too… 🙂

SEED BANDS 2018: Thank you all

We are overwhelmed by the response we got this year. Raksha Bandhan is still more than two weeks away and we are already sold out! Commerce was never our main intention when we started making these bands three years back. It’s always been about building our collective awareness and understanding around the issues of ecology,…

Open call for Chennai

  Background of the project: We live in a city that is shaped by water, we share space with this entity that is sacred, neglected, resource and sewage carrier all at once! How can we keep quiet about the water bodies in Chennai? Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai was keen on approaching this vast idea…