Our journey has never been alone. Neither our aims and ideals are our own alone, nor our journey. We have reached where we are today because of the collective strength that we get from walking along with varied groups and individuals. Some of these partners are the villagers in and around Paradsinga, some are the trees, animals and diverse species and seeds that are integral part of our journey, while some are far from where we are based but connected through hearts and minds (& of course virtually). Not all cannot be named or mentioned here. Still trying to compile a list of our partners here.

Though being partners, there can be differences in opinions, working style, thoughts and actions between us (Gram Art Project collective & Beejpaatra) & our partners. But we believe in freedom of thought and expression, welcome dissent and criticism. So as long as we are transparent and honest with each other and open to have a dialogue without violence to reach a consensually acceptable higher truth, our partnership will stay intact.