SEED BANDS 2018: Thank you all

We are overwhelmed by the response we got this year. Raksha Bandhan is still more than two weeks away and we are already sold out!

Commerce was never our main intention when we started making these bands three years back. It’s always been about building our collective awareness and understanding around the issues of ecology, agrarian crisis, GMOs, IPRs and the exploitative systems we are part of and therefore party to.

So let’s not limit this process by confining it to seed bands’ transaction only, but keep it going on in our own ways… & in the meantime, you may get in touch with these awesome people who might have some of the seed bands in stock with them for your procurement. 🙂

With love,

Team Beejpaatra – a Gram Art Project initiative

6 thoughts on “SEED BANDS 2018: Thank you all

  1. Hi
    1 I would like to purchase few Rakhee . Could u please tell what is the procedure for same and how much is the delivery time. My location is in Delhi cantt.

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